• Copywriting this ad for BAFTA involves a list of various jobs and careers to follow and get advice on from BAFTA Guru, ending by saying Be amazed, be inspired, be what you want to be

    My Top 5 Freelance Copywriting Highlights Of 2016

    You learn about so many different things as a freelance copywriter that you sometimes feel like a walking encyclopaedia. I worked on some brilliant projects in 2016 – too many to mention, but here are a few things that stood out for being challenging, exciting, informing or simple fun.

  • The difference between types of writers and a creative copywriter, as shown by one different door among other doors

    What Is A Creative Copywriter?

    Ever wondered about the difference between a creative copywriter and a copywriter? Or what a content writer or SEO copywriter does? The term ‘writer’ comes in a number of guises (let’s not forget PR writer or journalist), so what are the talents required and which kind of writer is right for your needs?

  • An apple on books in front of a blackboard is used as an image in this blog about a teacher interested in becoming a freelance copywriter

    ‘How Do I Become A Freelance Copywriter?’

    I was recently contacted by a teacher thinking of switching to becoming a freelance copywriter. Did she need agency experience? What were the pros and cons? Should she work for free initially? To give her a second point of view, I collaborated with another copywriter: Tristan Cardwell. Here’s the advice we gave…

  • I Spent Time With A Male Escort (aka Confessions Of A Freelance Copywriter)

    Spending time with a private, straight male escort and researching into his world….creating the copy and tone of voice for his website that’s just the right side of naughty….writing the FAQs in a way that says not very much yet says it all…yup, life as a freelance copywriter is certainly never, ever dull. Sometimes the small copywriting projects can be the most fun – this one was no exception.

  • Illustration of a grog wooing a mouse as a metaphor for wooing business clients in creative pitches

    What Makes A Great Client Pitch? Julia Gorrod, ISBA, Reveals All….

    So, what’s the best way to go about wooing and winning a new client? An all-singing, all-dancing creative pitch? Or some hard truth strategic insights? What are the industry secrets to nailing that advertising pitch? I interviewed Julia Gorrod, from ISBA’s Agency Relations and Consultancy Department, to discover what to do – or not – for client pitch success.

  • This cartoon of a woman at her desk with invoices and outvoices illustrates the point that it is important not to let unpaid invoices stack up as a freelance copywriter

    My 11 Tips To Keep Your Freelance Cash Flowing

    One of the hardest things about being a freelance copywriter is the lack of regular income. However, there are ways around this so that you can avoid the dreaded freelancer’s drought and keep those financial wheels turning over smoothly. Based on my years of experience, here are eleven juicy snippets of advice that I hope may help you.

  • Picture says If you think it's expensive to hire a professional wait till you hire an amateur. It means it's a false economy to hire a cheap freelance copywriter

    Looking For A Freelance Copywriter? Here’s How To Find The Right One

    The tighter the question, the tighter the answer – it’s the same when looking for a freelance copywriter. Be specific about what you need and save yourself hours trawling or being bombarded by irrelevant responses. These ten tips will help you pinpoint the right copywriter to help with whatever you need.

  • Noke ad with basketball player with line saying We are all witnesses. Good example of an ad that didn't need a strapline as the brand is so established

    So, What’s The Difference Between A Headline, Strapline, Tagline And A Slogan?

    Art directors say ‘headline’. Designers say ‘strapline’. Americans say ‘tagline’. Consumers say ‘slogan’. Hmmmm, is it really as straightforward as that? Don’t be confused – discover the difference for once and for all.

  • How To Write A Eulogy

    It’s been a sad, sad past few weeks. Not just because of the passing of Bowie and Rickman but also because I lost my dad in December. I’ve written many things over the years but never a funeral speech. How do you condense 88 years into two minutes?

  • My Top 12 Work Highlights Of 2015

    In 2015, I worked with all types and sizes of client from a male escort to a cremation jewellery company to Courvoisier. In no particular order, these are the clients and projects that were the marshmallows on my hot chocolate last year…..

  • 10 Simple Tips For Writing Copy

    Want to turn OK copy into good copy? Or just know how to start? Writing copy isn’t easy. Writing good copy is, well, hard (or should that be a colloquial ‘Writing good copy is well hard’?). These 10 copywriting tips will help.

  • 10 Lessons Learned From 25+ Years Of Writing

    Some problems crop up time and time again with freelance copywriting, so I hope these tips and suggestions will be the paracetamol to your frequent headaches. Here are 10 lessons I’ve learned.

  • Split Infinitive Examples: To Split Or Not To Split, That Is The Question

    Do you recoil in horror at a split infinitive? Maybe you’re not even sure what one is and need a quick split infinitive definition? Avoid those conundrums, headaches and head scratching with my quick and easy guide!

  • The Skills Every Successful Copywriter Needs

    I’m not talking about the ability to nail a client brief or punctuate to perfection or have a knowledge of alternative words to match Roget’s Thesaurus or a few D&ADs gathering dust on the mantelpiece. No, I’m talking about the everyday realities of copywriting life.

  • It’s vs. Its

    When do you use It’s and when do you use Its? It’s a common head-scratcher but that tiny little apostrophe makes a universe of a difference. Read on and hopefully the clouds will part and the fog will lift. (You know what I mean.)

  • The Secret To Getting Clients To Pay On Time (And What To Do If They Don’t)

    It’s the first of the month: which clients have settled your invoices – or not? Frustrating, isn’t it? As a freelance copywriter, I’ve had to take several clients to court. Here’s what to do…

  • Daisy in a lawn looking fresh to show that writing web content must always be fresh

    Freelancers: How To Choose SEO Keywords Without Head Scratching Or Swear Words

    You know that feeling of trying to untangle a kite string? It looks pretty straightforward but the more you attack it, the knottier the problem gets? Well, doing SEO keyword research to boost your site on Google needn’t be like that.

  • Women In Business: Top Tips From Three Successful Female Entrepreneurs

    Having written the website and literature for the second year running for Wandsworth Enterprise Week, I was on a mission to have an office jail-break and actually hear some of the inspiring business talkers I’d written about.

  • How To Freelance As A Copywriter

    Mention the word ‘freelance’ and people assume a life in which you take the whole of August off and spend your days in pyjamas resorting to daytime TV. Here are ten things you need to consider if you really, really want to be a freelance copywriter.

  • Working From Home 9 – 5. Or Not, Maybe?

    Does working from home ever mean nine to five? The big plus to being a freelance copywriter is that you can work just about anywhere and any time. But the big (and I mean BIG) downside is letting clients know when ‘any time’ starts and stops.

  • Marketing Communication Channels – Where Is As Important As How

    Clients often ask me how to make their advertising work harder for them – not just in terms of words but also £££. Here are the two key areas to consider when choosing the right communication channel to build your business and boost your bucks.

  • Keep Customers Coming Back And Loving You

    What makes a customer want to come back for more? The more unique and personalised your business communications and , ultimately, your relationship with your customers, the more they’ll want to come back. Again. And again. And again.

  • Choosing A Company Name And Scratching Your Head?

    Choosing a catchy new company, product or brand name is one of the most important business decisions you’ll take. You need one to help you stand out from the crowd and summarise your brand and values – all in just one or two words. Discover how….

  • My Mighty Rice Client Has Won A Mighty Nice Award

    Hoorah! My Mighty Rice client has won an award in The Dieline Package Design Awards – a worldwide competition devoted to the art of brand packaging based on quality of creativity, marketability and innovation.

  • How Can A Freelance Copywriter Stop A Brand Being Bland?

    Is your brand tired, dull, flabby and, er, bland? Being a freelance copywriter is isn’t just about clever words and ideas. It’s about understanding how a brand works, demonstrating strategic thinking and providing fresh perspective.

  • Here’s To Copy Without Excess Baggage Fees

    Writing clear and concise copy should be just like packing for a holiday abroad: light, simple and a breeze. Wouldn’t you rather have a an engaging, gossamer-light site instead of a Ryanair excess baggage-laden one? Here’s how….

  • A Mighty Fine Product With A Mighty Fun Name Launches

    I’ve been transported to the lush island of Mauritius several times since May. Sadly not in person, but by email and Skype while working on the launch of Mighty Rice. This was a great project to work on, right from the start, with a motivating client brief…

  • Fresher Than Fresh: Freybors Launches

    It’s always lovely to see a new company get off the ground, none more so than my client: Freybors. Freybors is a unique idea that embraces all the power of group buying with all the convenience of delivery in your area, with market-fresh fruit and veg delivered within 24 hours.

  • Be Nicer To Other Londoners

    You may recall the blog I posted in August after spotting that my post box in Kew had been painted gold, with the intriguing message ‘Be nicer to other Londoners’. My attention was caught today when I spotted the message again on a local traffic bollard. What on earth….?

  • The New Unicorn School Prospectus Is Out!

    My reading material lately has largely consisted of school prospectuses. And what wallpaper they are – dull, dull, dull. In creating the new Unicorn School prospectus, I decided to make it full of magic moments….

  • How Kissable Are You?

    My attention was caught this weekend by a big, bold ad for MARTINI, which carried the headline ‘Kisser casting’. The stylish Italian brand is looking for men age 25+ to star in their next TV ad. Clever ad stuff indeed.

  • Why Is The Post Box In Kew Village Now Gold?

    The post box in my village is now gold – how, what, when, why? Has the Royal Mail changed its brand identity overnight? Is it an post-riot statement of defiance by the dinner party classes of Kew? Anyone know the answer?

  • Short, Sweet, Stylish – My New Website For Kiosk Productions

    Kiosk Productions is a photographic production company set up by Sabina Spaldi, Mario Testino’s former producer. They’d created a very simple yet stylish and evocative website and needed content to reflect their unique fashion element. See what I did….

  • What’s Stunning, Creative And Curvaceous? A Marazzi Design Kitchen, Of Course

    My client at Marazzi Design Kitchens was keen to create stand out for his kitchen company and reflect just how unique his designs are. Discover how I created a tone of voice and content to make these kitchens hotter than hot…

  • 30 Commonly Misspelt Words In British Business

    Call me old fashioned, but I hold tip-top spelling in high esteem. A wrongly spelt word has the same effect as nails screeching down the blackboard. Here are the 30 frequently misspelt words in business and tips to separate ‘seperate’ from ‘separate’ etc etc!

  • Could My Client, Louise Selby, Design Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress?

    Kate Middleton engaged at last! It’s being predicted that she will wear a demure, high necked, lace couture gown – all those boxes are ticked perfectly by award-winning wedding designer Louise Selby. Could she be the chosen one?