BAFTA logo picture on Caroline Gibson's showcase page which links through to her work for BAFTA Guru in writing their tone of voice guidelines and ad campaign

My Top 5 Freelance Copywriting Highlights Of 2016

This time last year I covered 12 copywriting highlights. 2016 has been even more manic. At times, I hardly feel I’ve left my desk. But my New Year resolutions are a) to be more streamlined (words, wardrobe, clutter) and b) make more time for exercise (like, NOW!).

Every project this year has been brilliant and every client a delight to work with, so here are some of my shiniest, sparkliest, stand out copywriting bits (in no particular order, except for no. 1 at the end).

Always save the best for last, I think. Don’t you?

5. BAFTA ad campaign

Although I work with all types and sizes of clients, it’s always rewarding as a freelancer to be chosen by a big name. Although disappointed that a big Coca-Cola project didn’t get off the ground, I was delighted to be approached by BAFTA for help in creating tone of voice guidelines and ads for their sub-brand: BAFTA Guru.Ad for BAFTA Guru which lists the various jobs in the film industry that you can be inspired to do by looking at the advice and tips online at the BAFTA Guru website. The ad idea and copy was written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter 4. The Cosmetic Skin Clinic website

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is a non-surgical aesthetics clinic owned by Dr Tracy Mountford, who also writes a regular column for the Daily Mail. This was a mega website which ran over ten months and is due to go live early in 2017.

One of the many brilliant things about being a copywriter is the variety of subjects you work on and I now can talk to you at length about dermal fillers, fat freezing, thread lifting, non-surgical nose jobs….if ever there was a time for me to change career, it would be now.

3. Product copy

Writing product copy for retail clients is like eating a rich chocolate cake: you can only do so in chunks. Staying perky and fresh is key – as well as having clients that allow free rein.

This year saw the launch of Me & Buddy by Madeline Walsh. She needed category copy and 120 product descriptors for her new site which features hugely chic essentials and gifts for babies and toddlers.

Picture of a baby in an ergonomically designed bath which is one of the products on the Me & Buddy website, with category copy by freelance copywriter Caroline Gibson

A much harder task was writing and optimising the product descriptors for 17 hot tubs for Mountain Spas when the only points of difference were the number of jets and number of seats. That called for lateral copywriting thinking, creative SEO writing and a laid-back client. This was my favourite:

Picture of a Mountain Spas hot tub with creative product descriptor copy with clever SEO content by freelance copywriter Caroline Gibson

2. Getting a featured snippet on Google

One of my goals for 2016. A featured snippet is a valued and highlighted answer to a search query on Google from within a page ranked on page one. Featured snippets give you stand out and credibility and are said to increase CTR by 20%. Yippeee!

You can’t ask Google to feature you, but you can improve your chances by optimising your content, providing a clear, well thought-out answer and adding a little extra magic in your copywriting.

My featured snippet was taken from my blog on the difference between a headline, strapline, tagline and slogan.

A featured snippet on Google that links to my blog about the difference between a headline, strapline, tagline and slogan

1. Writing the website for an elite male escort

Sometimes the smallest jobs really are the most fun and writing the site for Mychael Patrick  provided a ray of personal sunshine from start to finish.

Curiosity piqued? Then check out my blog I Spent Time With A Male Escort (aka Confessions Of A Freelance Copywriter)

Mychael Patrick, and exclusive London male escort, is shown in this photo taken from his website which was written by Caroline Gibson, freelance content writer

That’s all. Time for a swim. Here’s to a brilliant 2017!

Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter, who’d love a way to add more time into the day. 

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