Be Nicer To Other Londoners

Be Nicer To Other Londoners

Let’s make London a nicer place

You may recall the blog I posted in August after spotting that my post box in Kew had been painted gold, with the intriguing message ‘Be nicer to other Londoners’.

My attention was caught today when I spotted the message again on a local traffic bollard.

Bollard in Kew saying Be nicer to other Londoners

Now, I’ve searched high and low and still can’t discover who was responsible. (Although I did stumble across a rather odd blogging site – Bollards of London – dedicated to, yes, bollards of London!)

Is it a stunt? Is it guerrilla marketing? Who knows – and who cares? Because the whole point of guerrilla marketing is to get the word out about a product or service. This relies on substantial foot traffic to succeed. Guerilla marketing isn’t just about a quirky eye-grabbing message: it needs back up to get people talking, make a connection with them and generate media attention, otherwise what’s the point? And, of course, it ideally needs a call to action to track and gauge results.

For example, these real apples were put on top of statues’ heads  in Bratislava. The sticker on them invited people to visit, a website for a local archery club.

Apple on statue head

This striking ad for Venetian Casino appeared at Venice airport and boosted visits by 60%.

Photo of ad for Venetian Casino at Venice airport

And these bowling balls were placed in several bowling alleys in Germany to promote a horror TV channel.

Photo of bowling balls in German bowling alleys to promote a horror TV channel.

Meanwhile, be nicer to other Londoners and let the people of Kew into the mystery. If you know more, get in touch at!

Written by Caroline Gibson, a nice London freelance copywriter 

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