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How Can A Freelance Copywriter Stop A Brand Being Bland?

Is your brand tired, dull, flabby and, er, bland?

I was invited recently to a meeting to explain how I could help a company – not a big company but definitely one you’d have heard of – that had lost its way. With a hands-on founder and a marketing director who’d been there for years, they’d realised the need for some fresh perspective and a new brand strategy.

Being a freelance copywriter is about more than clever words and ideas. It’s about demonstrating strategic thinking. You need to be able to understand how a brand works.

What’s the vision and what are the values? What’s the position in the marketplace – now and five years from now?  What are the USPs? Who’s the target audience? Who’s the competition?

The brand values have to clearly summarise the characteristics of the brand and how it should be perceived by our customers. How will you articulate those values? And how will they be reflected by a distinctive tone of voice that’s delivered consistently across all communications?

As a client, you can do this yourself – but you may not see the wood for the trees. Or you can appoint a big agency – and pay big bucks. Or you can work with a freelance copywriter who’s also a good strategic thinker. Or, if you need a deeper dive than I can offer, I recommend an excellent brand strategy and communications consultancy based in West London: Breakfast Town.

Get it right and your brand will not only stand up but also stand out.

image of goldfish and one green goldfish


Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter, who loves nothing more than perking up a brand

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