There Are Copywriting Enquiries … And There Are Copywriting Enquiries

There Are Copywriting Enquiries … And There Are Copywriting Enquiries

Strange copywriting enquiries merit a 'What now?' question

I’ve had some rather interesting (ahem) copywriting enquiries over the years; the best being from someone whose new business idea involved inviting people to live in trees on a South Pacific island  and not use any money. He instructed me to be as creative as I wanted and to “invert your thought plate.” Reader, we didn’t go any further but that is my all-time favourite client line.

Here are a few more mailbox highlights (edited here for the sake of brevity, and for all our sakes really): the chancers, the cheapskates, the cheeky …

Below is my brand story and I would like you to understand the tone and voice of the brand. What I require is for a writer to continue this tone towards all email communication.

“In a machine, all cogs have the same color. To each its size, its shape, its purpose, but would you really remember any of them more than the other?

The land, where I was born, where I lived, and the one I’ve always loved, had risen from the ashes. We boarded the ship of ambition, having nothing except each other and an inspiring captain. We didn’t had the luxury of individuality. We had more important things to do. We couldn’t allow our selfish desires to distract us from the bigger goal: climbing out of the swamp, all the way to the top. We sacrificed our own dreams on the altar of one big dream that united us all.

It’s my strong belief that only with boldly expressed variance, true unity can be achieved. It’s my dream to introduce this conviction to the world. For this, I will be fearless. I will triumph. I will be the architect of our conversation

Each one of us should be unforgettable, should leave his or her own touch in this world, and should leave his or her own legacy. This is our brand. This is our legacy.”

◊ ◊ ◊

“Would it be unreasonable to still direct me to someone in your enclave of cuneiform wizards for such a paltry job as mine?”

◊ ◊ ◊

“I require an article on different types of animals to be written. I have attached a specification document of what I am looking for. As a guide, this work does not have word or page limit so a ball park figure of the total cost of the work will be much appreciated. Will you also let me know the following?

        • How many revisions will you undertake and what counts as revision?
        • How in-depth will you go with the task (my list and specifications are not exhaustive)?
        • Your flexibility in terms of any changes to the project requirements before it is completed.
        • Will you provide verifiable references for the job?
        • Will this be plagiarism free?
        • Any other information you feel will help ensure we know what to expect to avoid any confusions.”

◊ ◊ ◊

“I own a small firm that offers copywriting services. Recently, I was offered a bigger project,  with more than 30 content cases. One content case can contain 1 or 4 pages. Pages require between 300 to 800 words. 

Websites are from various industries: photography, air conditioning, concrete specialists, fitness gyms, loft conversions, etc. And someone from UK would really help, as many of them require location pages as well (Trafford, Manchester, etc).

My budget at the moment is $2/100 words and i can pay via paypal each time an invoice is issued.

Do you think you can help, Caroline?” 

◊ ◊ ◊

“I am looking for copyrighting work. Is there any opportunity for me?”

◊ ◊ ◊

Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter with an interesting mailbox

E:  T: +44 (0) 7957 567766

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