“What copywriting services do you offer?” “How much do you charge as a copywriter?” “What does a copywriter do?” “I’m good with words – can I become a copywriter?”

Whatever copywriting FAQs are spinning around your head in a washday tangle, here are – hopefully – the answers you need.

Copywriting services

I work for myself and never disappear into an agency or client’s office on a contract basis. I’m never not busy …but I’m also incredibly efficient. When I send you a proposal, I’ll request confirmation by a certain date (usually a week ahead) to ensure availability. Once you’ve completed my Ts&Cs, I can book in the work.

I can sometimes help with last-minute requests but, as I hope you’ll appreciate, I always give priority to current and long-term clients. It’s always worth checking though. (BTW, this blog is more for other freelance copywriters but a handy read, nevertheless: How To Deal With Freelance Copywriting Project Delays.)

I’m available to take calls and answer emails Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm. I have several clients in Israel and the UAE and am always happy to work with them on a Sunday.

I do … but only those with sensible, business-like budgets. If you’re also getting copywriting quotes on sites such as Fiverr and People Per Hour then, sorry, but I’m not the right copywriter for you.

No, I’ve been a copywriter for over 30 years and have worked across every sector. I can come up with highly creative concepts for a press campaign radio ad as easily as I can turn a complex med-tech document into a clear and easily digestible read. You can view the different sectors I work in and the variety of clients I work with on my Clients page.

These are available in full here. I’ll also provide a succinct version in the proposal I send.

No. All my work is my own.

Never, ever. All my work is my own. And if I'm not available to help, I may be able to recommend another copywriter.

No. The main thing is that you find the right copywriter for your project with the skills to deliver what you need, on time and on budget. I live in Kew, Richmond, so can easily and quickly tube it to London for meetings … there are some copywriters who label themselves as London copywriters but aren’t. If you’re looking for a writer you need to frequently meet with in town in person, double-check the listings on Google maps and see who pops up where.

It’s a chicken-or-egg question. I like to see the wireframes and design first but am experienced enough to work from a blank canvas. What is important, though, is to have open conversations between copywriter, client and web agency so that the parallel lines of copy and design can merge at some point.

I started as a junior copywriter in the pre-digital age when only the term “copywriter” existed. So many different types of writing roles now exist, and the lines have become blurred: I like to describe myself as someone good with words and ideas (a more official phrase would be a “creative copywriter”). Have a look at What’s The Difference Between Copywriting And Blogging? and What Is A Creative Copywriter?

Copywriting costs

Neither. I prefer to charge by the project because you’re paying for my expertise and years of experience. This way, there are no hidden charges otherwise you may as well strap a taxi meter on a copywriter. (Check out: Here’s Why You Should Never Ask A Freelance Copywriter “What’s Your Day Rate?”)

When working with a new client, I often provide an £x-£y quote with a best case / worst case scenario and update them regularly to assure them that everything is falling within budget. If there's a change of brief, then this will obviously impact costs so we'll have a chat.

It depends on who you use and how much experience they have. If you’re getting quotes, you’re bound to see a difference in prices but a cheaper copywriter could end up taking twice as long as the person who provided the higher quote. Learn more at Does An Experienced Freelance Copywriter Mean an Expensive Freelance Copywriter?

IR35 is a tricky subject and you can see the rules explained in What Does IR35 Mean For Freelance Copywriters? (And Are You A “Disguised Employee”?). I’m self-employed as a freelance copywriter; I work from home and for a range of clients so am 100% outside of IR35.

I want you to be completely happy about appointing me as your freelance copywriter – both in terms of what I can do and what I’m like to work with. Unlike many other freelance copywriters, I’ll provide a sample piece of copy without obligation for you to consider in terms of style but not fact as I would need a deeper dive into your brand if we went ahead. You can find out more about this process in Services.

Yes, if you’re happy to appoint me after the copy style exercise. I usually request payments to be staged and for an initial deposit of 25-50% – both depending on the total estimate. This info will be clearly set out in my proposal.

About me

High Google rankings don’t happen overnight, despite what your web agency may tell you. I’ve had my site for a very long time and have optimised it myself – though ranking high isn’t just about weaving keywords into copy (but I’m keeping some hard-earned secrets to myself!).

When I was 14, I read an article about a copywriter who came up with names for beauty products at Boots and instantly knew that’s what I wanted to do. I’d always loved English and word play. I took a degree in English and Psychology (as I was also interested in market research and account handling), then a six-month post-grad diploma in advertising at Watford College. I went on D&AD workshops to build a creative portfolio, posted a creative self-promo to a whole bunch of ad agency creative directors, went on as many placements as possible, and got my first job as a junior copywriter through a head-hunter.

Essentially, I can write anything – whether it’s a press campaign, TV ad, website, editorial feature, press release, blog etc etc etc. See my Services.

I’m afraid I don’t mentor any more but am always happy to give advice by phone if you’d like to email and arrange a call?