A photo of an illuminated question mark at the end of a tunnel to illustrate the theme of freelance copywriter Caroline Gibson’s blog about typical copywriting question she is asked, especially on how much are her copywriting rates or how much she charges for copywriting services.

‘How Much Are Your Freelance Copywriting Rates?’ + 15 Other Copywriting Questions I’m Often Asked

A photo of an illuminated question mark at the end of a tunnel to illustrate the theme of freelance copywriter Caroline Gibson’s blog about typical copywriting question she is asked, especially on how much are her copywriting rates or how much she charges for copywriting services.

In no particular order, here are some of the copywriting questions that frequently pop up from potential clients and prospective writers which I’ve squished down into one skimmable blog.

What are your freelance copywriting rates?

Out of all the copywriting questions I get asked, this is the one that causes my heart to plummet. How can a potential client use an hourly rate to compare like for like, when experience and expertise have to be taken into account? An inexperienced freelance copywriter may charge half the hourly rate of an experienced freelance copywriter – yet take twice as long.

I charge by the project, factoring in my time in thinking, research, discussing the brief, client emails and calls, project management and revisions. How long a project might take also depends on how much marketing experience a client may have and therefore how much advice is needed.

If you’re interested in working with me, then please email or call me on 07957 567766 and let’s have a chat first. I will then send you a proposal with a link to my client brief (which asks key questions about your target audience, competitors, brand values, challenges, aims etc etc) and details about my process, costs and terms.

Can you write 30 blogs for me?

There are zillions of people today who call themselves freelance copywriters but simply churn out articles and blogs for peanuts.

Then there are freelance copywriters who can add value through thinking strategically, thinking visually, thinking creatively – and being able to offer advice on advertising, marketing, media and SEO. They can do so because they’ve worked with a wide range of clients on a wide range of brands in a wide range of sectors, usually having started their career in ad agencies first, and provide specialist skills.

A blog only has value if the content is well researched, well written and well optimised. To do so takes time.

Which is why I only write blogs for myself. 🙂

Can I publish a guest post on your site?

Thanks, but no thanks. My website and my blogs are my brand and my voice plus my opportunity to optimise another page on my website, not yours.

Do you work onsite in agencies?

I’m always happy to come in for a meeting or briefing or to present work but, to be truthfully honest, I prefer to work remotely. I’d rather spend my working day working for you instead of commuting.

I’m in Kew, Richmond so it’s just 30 minutes by tube to central London.

What’s your copywriting availability like?

I get booked up v v quickly – but I work v v efficiently too. However, gaps can happen while I’m waiting for client feedback or to be briefed on a project – and, occasionally, projects can just fall by the wayside for budget reasons, etc. It’s always a good idea if we can agree a start date so that I can pencil the work in – and an end date too.

But I’ve got an urgent copywriting brief – are you free?

As per the above – give me a call. I often find one of the biggest problems as a freelance copywriter is waiting for client feedback, but that can also provide one of the biggest opportunities in being free to turn around a ‘I-need-this-like-there’s-no-tomorrow’ brief right away.

Can you give me some copywriting advice?

I’m always really happy to help and answer all your copywriting questions, except …

I seemed to spend so much time giving advice and never receiving so much as a brief ‘thank you’, that I decided to write some useful blogs instead to point people towards such as What Is A Creative Copywriter?, How Do I Become A Freelance Copywriter?, Tips To Keep Your Freelance Cash Flowing, 10 Copywriting Tips Learned From 25+ Years As A Copywriting Pro, The Skills Every Successful Copywriter Needs and How To Freelance As A Copywriter.

If you can’t find the answer to your question about freelancing as a copywriter or becoming one, then feel free to email me to arrange a chat by phone. But please, please re-read the paragraph above first. Just saying …

Do you ever outsource your freelance copywriting projects?

No. Never ever. Though I know some copywriters do.

If I’m really booked up, I can instead put you in touch with another two copywriters who I a) know and trust and b) are really, really good.  I’ll leave you to liaise direct.

Can you recommend a good web designer?

Yes – and a good web developer, graphic designer, art director, strategic planner and more. I will only recommend people I know and who I value for being efficient, reliable – and really great at what they do. I will always put you in touch with them so that the relationship, agreement and payment are all direct.

Is there anything you can’t help with?

Press releases. I can – and I have – written them but they require a certain style, not to mention relationships with journalists and publications to get your release on the page.

Oh, and proof reading – simply because it’s more cost effective (and you’ll get a better job done) by using a professional proofreader. (I can recommend one of those, too.)

Can I contact you this evening?

I state my working hours on my contact page on and on my Google page. Feel free to email me at any time, but I will only get back to you during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. That said, I’m always happy to liaise with overseas clients due to a time difference or weekend difference (e.g. my clients in Israel and the UAE).

Do you only work on big brand names?

I work with all types of clients: big and small, global and local.

I have a minimum budget for most projects though (+ VAT) so if you just need a one-pager or a bio written then I’m so sorry, but I probably can’t help (though, as mentioned, I may know someone who can).

There are exceptions to the rule, such as the website I wrote for Mychael Patrick, the male escort, which was great fun to do (but I’ve subsequently said no to other requests in this sector as they were rather, errrr, cheesy). If you have a really amazing or disruptive new business idea, then let’s talk.

Can I connect with you on LinkedIn?

Sure – if we’ve met, worked together or have any strong first-hand mutual connections.

I’m on LinkedIn here. Or else follow me on Twitter @TheUKCopywriter or on Google+.

Do you have a favourite client?

I love them all.

Have you ever used Google Ads?

No. Everything is achieved 100% organically.

So how come you’re so high up on Google?

Ah now, that would be telling ….

A black and white photo of someone putting their finger to their lips as if to say ‘that’s my secret’ which is the response that London copywriter Caroline Gibson wants to give if ever asked about her secret as to why her website ranks so high on Google – it’s all part of her blog about frequent copywriting questions she is asked, especially to do with copywriting rates.

Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter who’s a great believer in efficiency and good manners. If you have any copywriting questions you’re burning to ask, just let me know …

E: caroline@carolinegibson.co.uk T: +44) (0) 7957 567766

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