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Fresher Than Fresh: Freybors Brand & Website Launch

Freybors has now launched – what a fresh idea!

It’s always lovely to see a new company get off the ground, none more so than my client: Freybors. The design, created by Ah-Studio is refreshingly simple and spot on brand.

Freybors logo

Freybors is a unique idea that embraces all the power of group buying with all the convenience of delivery in your area.

It’s about friends and family coming together as a group to order market-fresh fruit and veg delivered within 24 hours. Choose a convenient place for delivery, such as someone’s house, local school – even the pub, and away you go.

As time goes on, Freybors will offer other services too that harness a community spirit and collaborative approach.

Image from Freybors brand communications

So, what did I do as Freybors’ freelance copywriter of choice?

I came up with the strapline, set the tone of voice, wrote the web content and the mailers. Oh, and gave lots of advice.

There’s always something feel-good about a collaborative approach.


Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter who’s experienced in turning small brands into big ones.

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