I may only be a single-handed freelance copywriter but, with the introduction of GDPR, I have to be squeaky clean. So, am busy shredding old paperwork and making sure all the data I keep is 100% necessary and secure. Meanwhile, I need to tell you the following …

A little privacy notice

I take GDPR and data privacy very seriously – need you even suspect otherwise?! But I sometimes need to send you emails, so here goes …

I’ll never share your data with other third parties

Never. Ever. Pinky promise.

I don’t use memory sticks and my kids won’t let me use the family laptop. (Therefore, there’s no risk of spending my working day working in Starbucks on a shared network.)

I’m fully up-to-date against nasty viruses and malware too. I’m paranoid about losing stuff as my memory is terrible, so everything gets securely backed up.

I’ll hold your data as securely as the crown jewels until you ask me to remove it. You can ask to see the data I hold about you, to update it or delete it at any time by emailing me at caroline@carolinegibson.co.uk. TBH, I haven’t got much – I don’t think I even know when your birthday is.

External links – a word of caution

I sometimes include external links (and shortened urls in my social media) which I believe to be 100% top notch, safe and relevant but … there are some not very nice people out there these days so please always take care (i.e ‘Think before you link’). I’m afraid I can’t be liable for any damages or implications caused by your visiting any external links – hopefully, you’ll be too glued to my website anyway?

Have you enjoyed wandering through my website?

I do hope so. And I guess you know this info is captured, right?

Just like all other websites, mine use cookies to measure traffic to my site, visits to different pages (have you checked out my freelance copywriting blog, btw?) and to tell the difference between those who like to pop back and those checking me out for the first time.

Yes, I use Google Analytics to report on the overall traffic and how my site is used. But no, I don’t know who you are and I can’t track you either – Google is v clever at making all that stuff anonymous, so you can put the dark glasses away now.