Could My Client, Louise Selby, Design Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress?

Photo of a model wearing a Louise Selby wedding dress - could he be the chosen designer for Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress?

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress – could Louise Selby be the designer?

It’s being predicted that Kate Middleton will wear a demure, high necked, lace couture gown – all those boxes are ticked perfectly by award-winning wedding designer Louise Selby.

Louise’s stylish studio is in Kew: familiar territory for the bride-to-be, following on from her time at Jigsaw’s head office!

Louise has recently revamped her website and content: I also worked with her on creating a short film for a behind-the-scenes look at her bespoke dresses and latest shoot.

So, fingers crossed and breath held for the lovely Louise!

Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance writer London and fashion lover.

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