Screenshot of Mighty Rice ad with new packaging

A Mighty Fine Product With A Mighty Fun Name Launches

Mighty Rice now has a mighty fine website

I’ve been transported to the lush island of Mauritius several times since May. Sadly not in person, but by email and Skype while working on the launch of Mighty Rice.

This was a great project to work on, right from the start, with a motivating client brief:  ‘We want to shake up the rice market – compared to the coffee aisle, the rice aisle is boring. There is a lack of life and rice brands sell their provenance, fair trade status etc. Mighty Rice desperately needs a voice and we feel you are perfectly suited!’

Mighty Rice is a fantastic product (a premium rice that’s healthy, with a low GI value, and ethically grown) from a quirky company (an independent boutique rice grower on the island) with a heartwarming story (see for yourself here).

Mighty Rice ad showing new packaging

In addition, the packaging and website by Athens agency Mouse Graphics is gloriously simple and stunning.

New packaging and tone of voice for Mighty Rice

With a name like Mighty Rice, did I have fun setting the copy style then writing the packaging, press ads and web content?

Yes, I mighty well did.

Screenshot of Mighty Rice home page

Screenshot of Mighty Rice web page

Screenshot of Mighty Rice contact page

Written by Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter who works with clients based anywhere from Kew to Peru.

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