As a copywriter, I can help you with anything requiring lovely words and great ideas. (Except blogs, which I now only write for clients with business-like budgets who understand the worth of using an experienced copywriter. Sorry!)

Take a look at my freelance copywriting services in more detail, then drop me a line. I’ll send you a proposal detailing the stages of work and estimated costs. I’ll also include relevant testimonials, so you can see what clients have said about me (or else read them on my LinkedIn profile or check out my Google reviews).

I’ll provide a client briefing template to find out more about your brand values, positioning, offering, target audience, competition and business goals (you can download my creative brief form for free). I will also ask you to sign my copywriting Ts&Cs.

Making sure you’re a happy client from the start
You may want a website or an ad that’s dynamic or stylish or innovative – but your view of dynamic or stylish or innovative could be very different to mine.

So, I’ll develop an option for a paragraph to give you a choice of tone of voice and copy style. This is a free exercise without commitment but….if you decide to appoint me as your freelance copywriter (which, hopefully, you will), it’s chargeable. It also gives you an idea of what I’m like to work with (which, hopefully, you’ll like).

I’ll then request an immediate down payment, and off we go on the path to success.