Any established and professional copywriter will tell you that advertising copywriting is a trade, an art, a craft – and it has to be learnt, developed and refined over years.

When I had my first job as a junior copywriter, I had an amazing mentor. He trained me in the art of writing copy for press ads – long and short. He’d pore over every word, every sentence and every comma with me, helping me to turn my humble offerings into pearls.

Why it’s important to choose an experienced UK advertising copywriter
A press ad that merits more than a cursory glance needs more than just persuasive body copy.

Please don’t be tempted by sites offering freelance copywriting services where copywriters bid in peanuts for work.

A good UK freelance advertising copywriter is priceless. They’ll do more than write; they’ll understand what makes your brand unique and different. That takes experience. A hard working press ad campaign needs a big idea that balances creative thinking and business-thinking.

My advice to clients is always this:

1. The tighter the brief, the tighter the creative work. You can download my briefing template here. I can also help you fill it in.

2. Know who your target audience is.

3. Don’t be tempted to pack everything into your ad. Keep it simple. If I throw five tennis balls at you, you may catch one or two. If you ask me to squeeze five benefits into the headline and opening paragraph, your audience simply won’t catch what’s really important.

How I can write a business-boosting press ad for you

I’ll make your press ad sing out, loud and clear.

I’ll give you a choice of advertising concepts, from safe to brave.

I’ll develop ‘hey – look at me’ ad headlines that clearly and cleverly sum up the most important benefit of your service, product or brand. I’ll also write scintillating body copy that explains why those benefits are must-haves. And I’ll end your ad with a hard-to-ignore call to action to make potential customers pick up the phone/boot up their computers.

Why not drop me a line or call 0+44 (0) 7957 567766 to find out more?

Barclays, Mercedes and National Geographic have used my award-winning freelance copywriting services over the years – you can see the press ads and posters here – but press ads for local clients are just as lovely to work on too.