Why the need for brand copywriting?

Without a solid, well-defined brand strategy, how do you know what your brand is, where it’s going and why it’s so different?

Any new or growing business needs to define and present itself clearly and cohesively.

It must communicate a well thought-through ethos and brand values.

It must also stand up and stand out against its competitors – and not just by having a distinctive  tone of voice and brand language. You need a strong foundation first.

How can a brand strategy copywriter help you?
You may be a client. You may be a design agency.

You need to create a brand strategy to make a brand relevant, unique and desirable for its audience. You’ve done the research. You know what you want to say. But not exactly how.

That’s where I can come in.

As a brand copywriter, I can help deliver your promise of style, quality and how you do business.

I can help articulate your brand values, mission and vision, and ethos – clearly, succinctly and uniquely. I can create a new way of talking about you, what you do, why you do it and how.

And if I feel you need a deeper brand strategy dive than I can offer, may I recommend a sizzling brand strategy and communications consultancy that I work with: Breakfast Town.

Other reasons to use a good brand copywriter
Do you need a brand story to make your audience go WOW not ZZZZZZZZ? An outstanding brand story is a powerful, effective and hugely creative way to bring your brand to life.

Do you need an elevator pitch that will make people want to ride to the top of The Shard to hear it again and again?

Do you want corporate identity guidelines to communicate what’s different and special about your brand?

And don’t forget those all-important copy guidelines too. Language is a powerful medium when used correctly and distinctively. But I’ll save that for my page on creating a copy style and writing a tone of voice.

Want to know more about working with me as a freelance branding copywriter or tone of voice copywriter? See some branding examples in my showcase of creative work or call me on +44 (0) 7957 567766.

I was once hired by Wollf Olins as their first ever in-house brand copywriter (a brilliant learning curve and experience), and have since worked with many top branding agencies as a freelance brand copywriter.