Brilliant brochure copywriting is worth its weight in gold.

As a client, you’re probably investing a hefty chunk in mouth-watering photography, stunning design, glossy paper and a print run to fill a warehouse. But, your brochure isn’t a coffee table book; it’s a sale tool. Therefore, it merits the services of a safe and knowledgeable pair of hands i.e., an expert brochure copywriter.

Brochure copywriting to make every word count
First of all, the brochure front cover cries out for a powerful headline. One that clamours ‘Read me. Read me.’

Inside, the copy must sparkle and shine. It needs to engage and take the reader on a journey from beginning to end. So, what you don’t want from a brochure copywriter is a mass of dull black text. It’s essential to create a change of pace in the brochure copy to keep the reader interested and eager to know more.

What you do want from your brochure copywriter are succinct, well written paragraphs. You want eye-catching benefit-led subheads. And how about some point-reinforcing quotes or pull-outs? A few bullet points sprinkled in now and again also work.

The principles are pretty much the same when it comes to flyer and leaflet copywriting. Obviously leaflet copy has to work even harder because the copy is more condensed.

How I’d work with you as a brochure copywriter
My starting point would be to gain a detailed understanding of the brand or product you’re promoting or selling. (You may like to download and fill in my client brief.)

I would then write a notional paragraph – or rewrite an existing one – in two to three different copy styles to give you a choice of direction. After all, you’d expect to see a few options from your designer. As a freelance copywriter, I like to offer clients choice too.

If you need me to, I can also suggest a theme or concept for your brochure. Otherwise, I’ll work alongside your designer, agreeing how many words are needed where and editing or adding copy to avoid ugly widows and eye-sore unbalanced paragraphs.

Next, I’d prepare a copy platform. This is a bullet point list of what I believe each page should cover. Think of it as a checklist. Being more prepared at the start results in fewer revisions for you.

If the brochure copy is longer than eight pages, I may feed through the copy in batches. Before you know it, you’ll have sizzling brochure copy to make customers pound on your door. And it’ll be written on budget and on time too.

Who says you can’t afford brochure copywriting services with wow factor? Let’s have a chat.

Clients such as Land Securities and Radisson Edwardian have used my brochure copywriting services. Look at examples of brochures and leaflets I’ve written and see how I can help, whether with your school prospectus, property brochure – or any literature needing a fantastic concept and inspiring words.