Need a copywriter to create a brand name or strapline?

Maybe you’re setting up a new company. Or launching a new product. You know what you’re selling. You know who your target audience is? You know everything there is to know about your competition, inside and out.

But, what on earth should you call yourself/wonderful new invention?

Your new company/product – your precious new baby – needs a name first and a strapline and logo second and third.

As the spirit of your brand, your new company name must:

  • be memorable
  • be pronounceable
  • have global appeal and cultural acceptance
  • stand out in the marketplace.

Five brand naming options to consider
Should you choose a name that’s yours, such as Charles Tyrwhitt (founder Nick Wheeler’s middle names)? Or Caroline Gibson!

Or one that’s descriptive, like British Airways?

You could go for an abbreviation (did you know that ESSO comes from Standard Oil)? Or initials such as IBM, or IKEA (the initials of the founder and where he grew up)?

Some names are made up or bastardised words like Sony, from the Latin ‘sonus’. And others are based on objects, like Apple.

Decisions, decisions.

So, how long does a naming process take?
Hmmmm, how long is a piece of string? Hitting on the right name first time rarely, very rarely, happens. When I worked on Orange at Wolff Olins, the naming project took not days but weeks.

With company namings and/or straplines, it’s best for the client and the brand name copywriter to agree a budget up front.

You need to mull over some good choices and imagine how a name might look on a business card. Or sound when answering the phone. Or appear on a press ad.

You need to make sure no other product or company like yours already has a similar name.

Creating a winning name is now harder then ever because you also have to nail it as a domain name. It just requires clever, sometimes upside-down thinking, like this: the URL already existed, so a little light bulb moment turned the Echo Bay Technology Group into

The first name to start with is Caroline Gibson, freelance copywriter – and brand name copywriter too
A great product name should have enduring quality and memorability. A great brand name is unique and it’s for life.

Then there’s your strapline to consider. Like a signature with your name, it needs to sum up your brand personality or articulate your offering in a flash. It must be simple, timeless and unforgettable.

Need a naming copywriter to look beyond the obvious? Let’s have a chat.

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