Like any form of offline or online advertising, radio commercials have to be original, convincing, memorable and impactful.

The difference is that a radio ad has to shout quietly. A brilliant radio ad must stop you in your tracks, whether stuck in a traffic jam, working or cooking.

There’s no visual imagery to entertain you. Just words, sound effects and maybe some music. These have to knit together to paint a colourful picture in the listener’s mind. That’s the craft of a good radio advertising copywriter.

Award-winning radio copywriter for hire right here
As a freelance copywriter, I write a lot of websites, brochures and ads. But I have a HUGE soft spot for writing radio commercials.

Maybe because I’ve worked with some fantastic clients over the years (BT, Harper Collins, The Co-operative Bank).

Maybe because there’s just sooooo much you can do with the medium (even silence can make a loud noise. Have a listen to my radio ads for The Guardian).

Or maybe because I’ve been fortunate enough to win several awards as a radio copywriter.

But I can’t take all the credit. Talented voiceover artists, intuitive sound engineers and single-minded clients have all played a strong part in the radio commercials I’ve worked on.

This is what I can do for you. I can write a choice of radio scripts. I can help you choose the perfect voiceover (want to work with Benedict Cumberbatch or Joanna Lumley?). I can also direct the recording for you.

If you need expert radio copywriting services from me, Caroline Gibson Freelance Copywriter: a radio advertising copywriter who absolutely loves this medium, then get in touch.

Grab a cuppa and have a listen to some of the award-winning radio ads I’ve written in my portfolio.