Call it tone of voice. Call it copy style. Call it verbal identity.

Either way, call on the services of a good tone of voice copywriter.

A strong brand must have more than a unique logo, clever colours and distinctive typography to make it immediately recognisable. It also needs a unique ‘voice’ cleverly crafted by a tone of voice copywriter i.e., the way in which the copy is written and expresses the brand’s values.

For example, put your hand over the logo on an Innocent ad. You can tell a mile away that the brand is Innocent, can’t you?

What we say and how we say it speaks volumes
Do you want your brand to be seen as dynamic? Or witty? Or friendly? Or what????

Hang on a minute though. It’s not as simple as that. My definition of ‘dynamic’ could be very different to yours.

As a tone of voice copywriter, I always give my clients a choice of two to three copy styles right at the start. You don’t have to pay for this exercise – unless you decide to appoint me. It’s also a perfect way to see if you like working with me. And me with you. Which I’m sure I will.

Need a tone of voice that’s bang on brand?
Whether you want your tone of voice to shout, whisper or seduce, I offer stacks of branding experience and would be delighted to help.

I can then apply the chosen tone of voice and copy style to your required medium. If you also want help with website content writing or brochure writing or need a freelance copywriter for a press ad campaign, just let me know. I’ll make your copy readable, enjoyable, jargon free, waffle free and make sure every word hits the mark.

Drop me a line or call +44 (0) 7957 567766.

I’ve created a tone of voice and copy style for clients such as O2 and Pagerie. You can see examples in my showcase of creative work.