Why use a freelance copywriter for your TV commercial or video script?

You’re watching a great programme. It’s time for a commercial break. And time to switch on the kettle, check the dinner, run a bath, grab a beer.

Or not.

A brilliant TV ad is one that’s engaging or entertaining or moving as any TV programme and should simply stop you in your tracks.

The shorter the TV ad is, the harder it has to work. Take the strapline, packshot and call to action alone – that’s easily 5” alone, which is already half of your 10” epic.

The key to a great TV ad
As with any well written press ad, radio commercial or direct mailshot, simplicity is the key to everything. You don’t need a mega budget, an Oscar winning actor, or a Hollywood film director to make a great TV ad.

What you do need is a clear message that’s well executed. A lot of that’s down to the copywriter, art director and director. But a lot of it is also down to you, dear client. Resist cramming in the kitchen sink. Avoid asking the world and your gran what they think of the script.

Instead, ask yourself four things. Is it on brief? Does it get my marketing message across? Will it get people picking up the phone/rushing into my store? And, finally, will it have people talking? The only thing that’s better than paid-for publicity is free publicity. The ultimate aim should be for your TV commercial to go viral. With a well-written TV script, your work is done for you.

While on the subject, how about copywriting for video scripts?
With video scripts – whether for YouTube or your next conference or for a VR experience – the good news is that you’re not constrained by expensive airtime. The bad news is that you must be careful about packing too much info in. Anything over a minute could be a turn off and a switch off.

Your video script needs to tell a story from beginning to end. And your VR script needs to tell it from beginning to end and every which way.

And who, exactly, is going to tell it? Using a voice over to voice that story means you don’t have to rely on actors speaking to camera, fluffing lines or being drowned out by a passing 747. Where are you going to tell it? As for outdoor shots, consider the unpredictable British weather. How are you going to tell it? Well why worry, when you can use an experienced video script copywriter like me?

P.S. You can watch some of my award-winning TV commercial copywriting for clients such as The Guardian and Sony by visiting my showcase of creative work. Need me to come up with ideas and scripts? Struggling with a script or footage you already have? No problem – just get in touch.