Once upon a time, not too long ago, clients would pour money into having a lovely website designed. And they’d bypass the need for an experienced website copywriter and write the web content themselves.

So it’s such a relief these days that many clients realise the importance of fresh-as-a-daisy web content that’s 100% quality.

However…..writing website copy isn’t just about getting a bunch of lovely words down.

‘Are you a website copywriter who can write optimised web content to rank my website at the top of Google?’
Is this a burning question for you? I’ll eat my hat if it isn’t.

Getting your website on the first page of Google – even better to the top of Google search – involves several cunning tricks. It’s partly about weaving in key words for SEO seamlessly and elegantly, without looking like a shopping list. It’s partly about optimising your H1 and H2 headers. It’s partly down to well crafted meta tags and page descriptors.

I’ve managed it and so can you, as one of my clients. So if you’d like to discover what else you need to do to improve that Google ranking, drop me a line.

And how can a freelance website copywriter help stop people in their tracks?
Most people look at a web page for around 10 seconds and then they’re off. So how can you get great web content to grab them?

It’s about thinking how info needs to be communicated horizontally and vertically.

It’s about understanding the user experience (referred to as UX). How will a potential customer journey through your site? What will make them stop? What will make them buy?

If you can achieve all this, those oh-so-casual visitors should be converted into serious customers. Hook, line and sinker.

Why you need a professional SEO website copywriter like me
Are you starting a new business and need help with your site map as well as your web content? Are you rebranding and need optimised web copy that’s more in line with your fabulous new identity? Do you need recommendations for an organised, on the ball, cool-to-work-with web designer?

I’d begin by gaining a detailed understanding of your business, your aims, your brand values, your ethos, your target audience – and your competitors. I’ll also ask you what other website designs or website copy you like, not necessarily within your market sector. You may find my client brief template helpful to fill in.

I’d then write a paragraph and heading in two to three different copy styles to give you copy options to mull over.

If your website content needs writing from scratch, I’d prepare a copy platform. This itemises what each page should cover.

Sounds straightforward? Working with me, it really is. Want to know more about my award-winning, highly optimised web content writing services? Just get in touch.

Take a look at my showcase to see some of the websites I’ve worked on and helped optimise for clients big (Barclays Bank) and small clients aiming to be big (Louise Selby).