The New Unicorn School Prospectus Is Out!

The New Unicorn School Prospectus Is Out!

The new Unicorn School prospectus is here and full of magic moments

As my son has just moved school for sixth form and with my daughter in year 5, my reading material lately has largely consisted of school prospectuses. And what wallpaper they are – a sea of smiling children playing sport, in a science lab, hands up in the air. Oh, how all those boxes get ticked time and time again.

I’m very proud of the (award winning) website I created for Unicorn School as marketing governor, and wanted something equally eye-catching for the new prospectus…. something distinctive to reflect the unique ethos and parental involvement…something that captured the magic of Unicorn perfectly.

And so here it is, hot off the press – ‘A book of magic moments’. The headmistress has just commented, “Caroline – it looks fantastic!  Beautifully crafted and a fantastic outcome. Congratulations!”

photo of a chick being held which is a page from the Unicorn School prospectus

Photography by the lovely Sophie Ziegler; design by the highly talented Chris and Matt at Bison Bison; concept, copy and project management by a very happy me.


Written by Caroline Gibson, London freelance copywriter who likes to zag when others zig.

E: T: +44) (0) 7957 567766

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